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Continue cutting like a professional

No matter what profession you're in, when you have dull knife blades, your performance can suffer. Mobile Pro-Chef Knife Sharpening can help you avoid this with our expert services.


Our company keeps your blades in good working order. With over 20 years of experience behind us, trust that we have the knowledge, skill, and tools to keep your knives as good as the day you bought them.


Save a ton of money

Did you know that sharpening your blades is more cost-effective than purchasing new ones? A high-quality blade can be sharpened repeatedly with positive results. We keep your business running efficiently with our mobile sharpening services.

We gladly welcome

commercial accounts.

Servicing a variety of businesses

• Restaurants

• Bars

• Salons

• Barber shops

• Butchers

• Arts / crafts centers

• Ice arenas

• Woodworking craftsmen

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